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Auto Disposable Shoe Cover Machine ESG13840

  • ESG13840
  • 8479899990
  • 鞋膜机_18鞋膜机_17           Shoe cover machine: 1 automatic shoe cover machine, stainless steel blade and sponge mat, durable.

  •      Auto: It will cover easily and efficiently, saving time. Made of high-grade ABS, safe and environmentally friendly.

  •      No cleaning required: The automatic shoe cover dispenser keeps the floor clean and tidy, so you don't have to clean it every day for ease of use.

  •      For a variety of applications, the dispenser is suitable for a variety of shoe changing locations. For example, home, office, factory, hospital, etc. Suitable for the elderly, children, etc.

  •      Widely used: high quality, suitable for offices, homes, shops, laboratories, conference rooms that require a detachable shoe cover machine.

  •      Model No: ESG13840

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