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Coating Thickness Gauge Brand New 2014 Style


Fe typeis applicable for nonmagnetic coatings on ferromagnetic
substrates,e.g.,zinc,chromium,copper,tin,or paint,plastics,enamel on iron orsteel.A symbol Fe is displayed on the screen.
NFe typeis applicable for electrically non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous
metals,e.g.,paint,enamel,or plastics on aluminum,brass,or zinc and anodic coating on aluminum.A symbol NFe is displayed on the screen.
2 in 1 typeis combines two probes in one meter and automatically identify the substrate materials.Depending on the substrate,the symbol Fe or NFe is displayed on the screen.
Operation method:
Hold the gauge and push the integrated probe vertically against the costing surface turns on the power and starts the measurement automatically,and power is cut off after 30 seconds.Keep the probe on the coating and hold it steadily for a while,till the buzzer sounds,take up the gauge and read the measurement.It shows Max-value,Min-value,
Ave-value and Dev-value in the same time.
Light change:
Press the button"M" one times,"" and ""displays on the screen,press the button "+" one times,turn on UVLED,then press the button "+" one times,turn off the button "-" one times,turn on LED,then press the button"-"one times,turn off LED.
Color change:
Press the button "+" for 3 seconds , to change color of font .
Flip display:
Press the button"-" for 3 seconds ,to turn the display upside down for easy reading when measurement is taking on top,side or bottom surfaces.
Continuous press the button "M" 2 times,the buzzer sounds,change"um" to "mil".
Mode change
Continuous press the button "M" 3 times,the buzzer sounds,changesingle measurement to continuous measurement.
Check the stored data
Continuous press the button "M" 4 times,the buzzer sounds,the top right of the screen display"M 0",then,press the button "+" or "-" to view the record of the last 10 measurements data.,then, press the button"M" once, the buzzer ringing again, back to the normal measurement mode.
a. Zero calibration:Continuous press the button "M" 5 times,the buzzer sounds,the screen display"00",then,hold the gauge and push the integrated probe vertically against the no costing surface,the buzzer sounds,take up the gauge,"0" displays on the screen.
b. Calibration with standard films:after measuring the calibration film,press the button "+/-",then adjust the reading to the right value.
c. Restore factory defaults:In the power off state, the first press the button "M" without letting go, then, press the probe, the buzzer sounds, then you release the button and prode, to complete the restore factory operation.

Clear Max/Min/Ave/Dev/stored data:
Continuous press the button "M" 6 times, to clear Max-value,Min-value,Ave-value,
Dev-value and the stored data.
Substrate blocks and standard films:
Available with the package for calibration or self test.
AAA alkaline battery:
Replace the battery cell when "" is shown on the screen,otherwise the reading may not be accurate.

In built probe(s)
Operating prindple:magnetic induction/eddy current (F/NF)
Measuring range:0-1250um/0-50mil
Min.measuring area:6mm
Min sample thickness:
Batterry indicator:low battery indicator
Power supply:2x1.5v AAA
Auto power off
Operating conditionl:0-40degree,10-90%,RH
Display: 1.8' TFT 262K.

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