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Multicolor Silicone Non-Stick Heat Resistant Kitchenware Set ESG11876

  • ESG11876
  • 7326209000


Weight: 0.656 kg
Color: Multicolored
Material: Nylon Kitchenware+TPR Handle

-It is comfortable to use with long handles which are suitable for reaching into some deep pots.
-The use of nylon kitchen utensils is convenient and generally in the condition of having water or vegetables to fry.

Product Use:
1. Rice Ladle: Mainly used for loading rice or other food.
2. Flat Spatula: Nylon spatula can be completely avoided scratching.
3. Soup Spoon: Spoon itself with curved design,mainly used in soup pot.
4. Colander: The shape is similar to spoon,mainly for grabbing the ingredients and for food.
5. Spaghetti Server: Mainly used for serve Spaghetti,dumplings,noodles,also used to separate eggs and egg yolk.
6. Slotted Spatula: The use of shovel to avoid picking soup out, and convenient to separate dishes and juice, can be completely avoided scrapping non-stick pan.

Kitchen handles are colorful, each batch may have some differences,
When the dry pan are in preheat, generally the stove heating temperature can reach 400 degrees,
Please do not put in pot fried or boiled for a long time, it is more suitable for western-style kitchen,
Do not dry pan preheat or put the spatula in the pan when the pan with oil only and do not stay too long.

Model No: ESG11876

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