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Punching Ball on String with Headband Training Speed Reaction ESG12857

  • ESG12857
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  • IMPROVE YOUR REACTION SPEED : We guarantee big gains in reaction speed using this fight ball reflex , since such a small target travels at a high speed to you, your brain response time will improve dramatically reflex fight ball. Perfect training equipment which is 360 degrees all-round blow and reflex quickly to improve your concentration, hand-eye coordination and speed with our boxing tennis ball trainer.

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES : Kids or adults, fighter or doesn't matter! The boxing tennis ball not only suitable for boxing, MMA and other combat sports training, but also can used by anyone for improving their speed and reaction speed. Anyone ca use the boxing fight ball reflex.

  • BURN CALORIES & KEEP IN SHAPE : Boxing this reflex ball is a good alternative for a gym. It will influence all muscle groups, really burn out your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, perfect for calorie burning and conditioning.

  • OPTIMUM REBOUND & DURABLE: The Fightball is a durable reflex tool. This punching ball provides an great resiliency and can be removed unlike sewing broken easily. The headband ball is small & lightweight enough to carry. Everyone can use the boxing tennis ball headband from home or even from work, either for reflex training purposes or a fun game that will nicely compliment your MMA, boxing or kickboxing training and release the pressure.

  • Model No: ESG12857

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