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Squeezing Toothpaste Partner Stand Dispenser ESG13842

  • ESG13842
  • 8205510000
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  •    This ABS tube squeezer is made for squeezing every last drop of toothpaste tubes, cosmetics, lotions, creams,paints out, is money saving.

  •    This dispenser toothpaste seat has a right rotate handle inside, can be used for any type of tubes.

  •    This rolling toothpaste squeezer is suitable for squeezing toothpaste, cosmetics, lotions, creams,paints and so on.

  •    This rolling tube squeezer is easy to use and with a rotate handle inside, you can control the amount of toothpaste you want to squeeze out.

  •    Small and portable, this ABS dispense toothpaste seat is a great healper when you go on a trip.

  • set of 2

  •    Model No: ESG13842

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