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Tempered Glass (GET-T2013011221)


Tempered glass
Thickness: 4 - 19 mm
Max dimension: 3000 x 3660 mm
Min dimension: 200 x 300 mm
Tempered glass:
1. With good inflexible and heat resistant, it is up 3-6 times than a standard glass, and the press is more than 95 MPA; With good heat reliability, it can endure the temperature from 200-30000C, and for the standard one, it only can be 70-10000C. When broken, it only can be as small granules and will reduce the damage to personal and property to lowest.

2. Products specification:
Maximum dimension: 3000 x 3660 mm
Minimum dimension: 200 x 300 mm
The thickness: 4 - 19 mm

3. Products application:
Window glass, curtain wall glass, the whole glass door, glass partition wall, bathroom glass, shopper windows, escalator rail, building shielding etc.

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